Well, if you live in Paris, it will not be the first time you see this Zara bombardier jacket (probably an imitation of Acne) because nearly every girl here wears it. It is clearly one of the it-pieces this season and i couldn’t resist to buy it, when it first came out. I asked myself: “should I renounce to buy something I really think is beautiful because many people also think it’s nice and buy it ?”. Well, girls and boys, that’s how fast fashion works! New trends pop up every day but since I have my own perception of style and what fits me, I’m pretty convinced i’ll wear this jacket longer than one season, even if others won’t. Any way I hope you enjoy my outfit of the day, I was very lucky with the weather today so I could switch from my eskimo-look to something more edgy, something more ME.

And what do you think about me rocking these red velvet boots?

Honestly, they’re uncomfortable but it’s worth it. I kinda thought about the “How I met your mother”-episode where Ted’s wearing these red cowboy boots and suddenly I felt even more confident in them! (haha)


What I wore today : 


T-shirt – ZARA MAN (on sale!)

Skirt – H&M

Boots – ZARA WOMAN (on sale!)


Happy and cozy Sunday to all of you


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