Valentines day in Montreal

Bonjour from Montreal !

I’m on a family vacation trip in Canada, as you probably have already seen on my Instagram; @lafashionwar or snapchat; joevaceline

I’m totally in love with this city and how it’s a mix between small cute houses with those typical stairs and skyscrapers on the other hand. Everyone is so friendly and polite here (they ask you how you’re doing every time you get into a conversation with someone. Can you imagine that happening in Paris or Berlin? LOL never ever)  and even if I had some difficulties understanding “Francais quebecois” at the beginning, I’m totally into it now! It’s amazing how they manage to speak two languages fluently like if it’s the most normal thing.

Since we have a tight schedule full of activities like skiing ( Guys, can you believe I tried it for the very fist time…?), Ice-skating, sledging and cross-country skiing, I’m not able to post much but I still wanted to show you what I was wearing here on V-day besides my skiing pants and ugly ass sweaters.

That’s honestly the most fashionable I could do for -16 degrees and snow EVERYWHERE.

I hope you enjoyed your Valentines day with your beloved ones but I particularly hope you show love each other everyday of the year, at least thats how it should be in my opinion.

love & many many hugs

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